"TURN THIS UP" Johnny Doom (Kerrang! Radio)
"Their sound is refreshingly melodic and complex, with strong lyrics, screaming guitars, and drums which are stomping, yet brilliantly matched to the music. Their songs will get your feet tapping while simultaneously slamming you through the wall." (New Hellfire Club, Feb 2016)
"[On The Way Down is] one of the most thrilling 15 minutes we’ve sat through in quite some time. An exciting record that is guaranteed to hook in any fan of heavy music within hearing distance." (Local Music Scene Blog, Dec 2015)
"The band seem to have influences from just about every heavy metal and hard rock band out there with elements of everything from Alice in Chains to Machine Head finding its way into the mix. The great thing is the different elements work together creating a new sound while also showing off a certain vintage feel." (Tomatrax, Jan 2016)
“OHNOVA's new track, “Shrapnel” is nothing less than a frontal assault on your now defenseless aural cavities.” (Jammerzine, Dec 2015)
"[Shrapnel] is a grizzly and grouchy stomp of tenacious rock 'n' roll which creatinly sparks a want to hear more" (RingMaster, Dec 2015)